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Interior design of aparthotel

10.01.2020 1787

design of the RECIPE

Continuous roar of cars, business meetings, and a densely packed calendar on your smartphone. But as soon as you open the transparent doors of the spacious lobby, weekdays are replaced by the holiday. A small holiday that begins with the grand reception of KRISTAL PLAZA.

“We had the goal of creating an unobtrusive yet contemporary interior to cater to customers with different tastes. That is why light colors, which are complemented by bright details and natural textures of wood, concrete, green, are at the heart of it. ”

- interior designer

Lighting plays a big role in design. Thin, yet long lines of hidden, mounted and hinged light fill the room with continuous and soft rays. In this unobtrusive design, it also has a decorative function. Like a logo that looks like jewelry. And this is the first jewel of our aparthotel.

design of APARTMENTS

A cold mind needs a warm and cozy place to rest. We took this as a basis and repeated as a mantra while thinking of a modern and somewhat minimalist design of apartments.

The warm shade of the tree, combined with the light color of the champagne, dimly flickering over the bedside tables, and prompts after a busy day to relax with a glass of sparkling. And then for the first time in a long period of time, look at the end of the dream in a large bed with a soft pillow. It is a pleasure to skip breakfast and catch up in the kitchen area of ​​your room.

The interior is dominated by a neutral gray-white range with a flicker of brighter colors. For example, in the painting above the bed or in the blue details of minimalist furniture. Some of the shades resemble corporate colors. These are all the details that create the integrity of perception and the integrity of the designer's design.

It was her decision. And what is yours? Go to a party or take a book off the shelves and lie down on a soft bed? The choice is yours. And it will be correct in any case, if you do it within the walls of KRISTAL PLAZA.